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3 Megapixel Integrated HD Infrared Bayonet Machine HVK214

3 Megapixel Integrated HD Infrared Bayonet Machine HVK214

With the adoption of the low-power high-performance AI processor and 3 megapixel starlight CMOS sensor, HVK214-series Integrated HD Infrared Bayonet Machine integrates the license plate detection with the license plate recognition, position and management. This series is featured with the following functions, such as the 3 megapixel ultra HD (UHD) imaging, various license plate/vehicle information recognition, monitoring recording, infrared fill light, front-end storage, remote operation and maintenance on the cloud, cloud-based operation and maintenance management, and greatly reduce the after-sales maintenance cost.



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  • ◪  Advantages of the license plate/vehicle recognition algorithm

With the adoption of the 8th generation of the Oeuvre vehicle recognition algorithm systems by the Integrated HD Vehicle Recognition Machine HVX214, we have successfully developed a license plate/vehicle recognition algorithm system based on the deep learning from massive data. The 8th generation of the vehicle recognition algorithm systems has great advantages over the similar products sold in the market in the stable recognition of the license plate at a large angle, unlicensed vehicle detection, license plate anti-counterfeiting, vehicle structuring (the model, type and color), and long distance recognition.

Typical license plate recognition rate: Able to recognize license plates of Taiwan of China, Brazil, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Europe, Thailand, Hong Kong of China, Macau of China, Chile, Colombia, South Africa, Dubai, etc. In typical scenarios, the recognition rate of mainstream license plates is up to 97%.

Stable recognition at a large angle: The maximum levelness of the license plate and camera is 65°, the maximum angle up and down is 60°, the comprehensive capturing rate > 99%, and the comprehensive recognition rate > 97%, all of which contribute to its powerful environmental adaptability.

Unlicensed vehicle recognition: The unlicensed vehicle detection rate is over 99%.

  • ◪  Stable and reliable performance, and rich and diverse interfaces

HVX214 is a 15-inch whole machine with the adoption of the IP65 protection design to ensure its stable and reliable long-term operation in typical scenarios.

HVX214 is equipped with up to 4 inputs, 2 outputs, and 2 RS485, and a zoom lens,and the interface surge protection level is 6 kV. It can satisfy the requirements of different equipment, such as daily connection of ground sensing coils, barriers, and LED displays in various scenarios.

  • ◪  Megapixel HD imaging effects

With the adoption of the industry-leading 3 megapixel starlight imaging solution, HVX214 can output photos with the resolution of up to 2304*1296. Under the environment with the same imaging effect, HVX214’s resolution is over 60% higher than that of common 2 megapixel cameras. With the help of the intelligent deep learning ISP (Image Signal Processing) algorithm, HVX214 can not only satisfy the customers’ requirements on the license plate full-scenario recognition, but also provide more vehicle details to help them improve the recognition rate of the algorithm.

  • ◪  All-round development transfer

SDK development suite: SDK development suites for Windows, Linux, and Android are available, and the development languages including VB, C#, Delphi, and C++ are available.

API protocol interface: The API interfaces based on TCP, HTTP, MQTT and other standard protocols are available to achieve the transfer between the camera and platform system.

  • ◪  Equipment form

  • The equipment appearance of HVX214 is shown in the figure below. It is equipped with a 15-inch white housing. It has sufficient internal space to accommodate various interfaces, indicators, and buttons, enabling the housing to be opened easily, facilitating the installation, commissioning and maintenance, and further achieving function expansion.

  • Overall appearance diagram


List of specifications of the equipment function:


Recognition Algorithm

Comprehensive license plate recognition rate97% or above
Unlicensed vehicle detection rate99% or above
Anti-counterfeiting rate99% or above
Recognition angleThe maximum angle on the left and right is 65°, and the maximum angle up and down is 60°
Stable recognition rate at a large angle97% or above
Recognition distance18~35 m
Vehicle speed130km/h
Lane managementSingle-lane
License plate recognition typeAble to recognize license plates of Taiwan of China, Brazil, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Europe, Thailand, Hong Kong of China, Macau of China, Chile, Colombia, South Africa, Dubai, etc.
Vehicle structuring informationAble to recognize different vehicle features, such as the vehicle model, vehicle type, and vehicle color.
License plate recognition featuresNumber, color, type and width
Whitelist of license platesAdopt rules to accurately, intelligently and fuzzily match license plates in the whitelist.
Intelligent calibrationAble to calibrate the license plate number, license plate type and license plate color intelligently with the accurate or wildcard methods.
ImagingBasic configuration

Embedded intelligent ISP algorithm.

Able to intelligently optimize the dimming algorithm, and intelligently adapt to complex scenarios.

Basic parameters (brightness/definition/gain/ exposure time) x can be set independently.


Video compression standardH.264/MJPEG;
Video resolution352*288、704*576、1280*720、1920*1080
Compress the output bitrate384Kbps~4Mbps
Frame rate1~25 frames and the default value is 25.
CommunicationCommunication protocolSDK, HTTP, MQTT, ONVIF, RTSP, TCP/IP, UDP, NTP,DHCP
HTTP pushAble to upload recognition results, and re-upload them offline.
ManagementManagement protocolPC/mobile terminal management, PC management tools, SDK development suites, and HTTP push.
Cloud managementRemotely manage a single camera, uniformly manage multiple cameras through the account, and support the cloud SDK development management platform.

List of basic hardware specifications:



Sensor3 megapixel starlight CMOS sensor
Low illumination0.1 Lux color
Electronic shutter0-10 ms, the default is 5 ms
Standard lens5-50 mm zoom lens
Image IndicatorImage settingsBrightness, gain, and exposure time
Noise reduction2D/3D noise reduction is available

Interface Key

Network interface1-way 10/100 Mbps adaptive RJ45 port
I/O Output2-way
I/O Input4-way (the default switch quantity to switch different level signals)
TF card1-way TF card slot with the maximum 64G volume available
USBReserve the seat at the 4pin_1.25 spacing
Reset key1-way RESET key
System indicator1-way GPIO status indicator
Power supply indicator1-Way power supply indicator

Reliability indicator

TemperatureOperating temperature: -30~+75 ℃
Static electricityContact 6 kV, air 8 kV

Electric surge 2 kV

Interface surge 6 kV


Power supply EFT 2 kV

Data cable EFT 2 kV

Power supply12V DC
Power consumptionPower consumption≤5W
Structure ParameterFill lightBuilt-in infrared LED fill light with adjustable brightness
Overall dimensionsWhole machine: 443mm*146mm*105mm

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