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Hd License Plate Recognition Machine

Hd License Plate Recognition Machine

The high-definition license plate recognition integrated machine uses a low-power and high-performance embedded AI processor and an ultra-high-definition starlight CMOS sensor.

This product is specially designed for the parking lot industry based on the embedded intelligent high-definition license plate recognition product. It is the best application form of the license plate recognition function of the parking lot management system. The product is widely used in various parking lot entrances, community entrances, highway entrances, exits, Car 4S shop, unattended weighing system and other scenarios.



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Product Features
  • Ultra HD 4 million pixels (1440P);

  • All-day vehicle capture rate is higher than 99.9%;

  • All-day license plate recognition rate is higher than 95%;

  • Support cloud control function for parameter configuration, video preview and remote upgrade;

  • Adopt video compression technology H.264 for video encoding, and capture frames using JPEG encoding;

  • Support three detection methods: coil detection, video detection, coil detection + video detection;

  • Support OSD information overlay function, support video / picture overlay watermark;

  • Support white list import and export function, can do fuzzy matching on white list;

  • Support configuration file import backup;

  • Support manual key reset, you can restore the initial IP address, user name, password and restore the default factory configuration with one click;

  • Support cloud intercom;

  • Support secondary development.

Technical Parameters

Types ofProjectParameter
Intelligent RecognitionVehicle capture rate≥99.9%
License plate recognition rate>95%
Video inputsensor type4 million pixel star-level CMOS
Lens and focal lengthZoom 2.8-12mm
Exposure time1/100 ~ 1 / 10000s
Video outputImage size1440P,1080P,720P,4CIF
Compression standardVideo H.264 / Picture JPEG
Compressed output bit rate384Kbps ~ 4Mbps
Highest frame rateMain stream 25FPS, substream 25FPS
Image settingsAdjustable shutter, gain, brightness, etc.
Business functionsSnapshot trigger typeVideo, coil, video + coil
Output informationLarge picture of the vehicle, small image of the license plate, license plate number, license plate color
OSD information overlaySupport, can define time, place, license plate, etc.
One-click resetShort press for 2 seconds to restore the default IP, username and password
White list functionLong press for 10 seconds, restore the default IP, username and password, factory configuration
Offline chargesSupport white list import and export functions
Voice intercomSupport offline charging function
External interfaceThe internet1 RJ45 100M adaptive network interface
communication2 RS485 interfaces
power supply1 AC voltage interface(90V-270V)
Enter2 digital inputs / levels, 2 digital inputs
Output2-way switch output interface (relay)
Reset1 reset button interface
USB1 type A USB interface
storage1 TF card interface
Voice key input1 voice button input interface
Voice input1 voice input interface, support pickup input
Voice output1 voice output interface, support 4 Euro 5W speaker output
Working environmentTotal power<7.5W
Operating temperature-30 ~ + 80 degrees
Working humidity5% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Protection classIP65
AppearanceSize (mm)380×141×108
Weight (Kg)1.85

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