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Dynamic Face Recognition Terminal

Dynamic Face Recognition Terminal

Dynamic face recognition terminal takes embedded system with high performance, high reliability and high stability as the platform, and the industry-leading deep learning algorithm as the core to realize face detection, in vivo detection, millisecond face recognition and face comparison applications.The product has the characteristics of super-large face database, super-high face recognition accuracy and so on.
Dynamic face recognition terminal can adapt to various pedestrian entrance real-name verification scenes, such as construction sites, schools, office buildings, commercial centers, communities, scenic spots and other pedestrian entrance.



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+86 13480143642


Product Features
  • Face recognition accuracy of 99.7%;

  • Support binocular live face detection;

  • Face recognition speed is less than 0.5 seconds;

  • Support large 20000 face database;

  • Support off network face recognition, off network switch;

  • Double 2 megapixels, 1920×1080 resolution;

  • Large 7-inch HD display;

  • Low illumination imaging support, support for the recognition of positive and negative light;

  • Support batch device search, search LAN running devices;

  • Support remote configuration, can be used to configure the device parameters through the management platform;

  • Support remote maintenance, such as remote upgrade, personnel information, face picture information and other remote import.

Technical Parameters

The name of theFunctional description
Face recognitionFace capacitySupport 20000 face database;
Face detection accuracy> 99.99%
Face recognition accuracy> 99.7%
Face recognition time< 0.5 s
Identify the scope ofIdentification distance: 0.5 ~ 4m, identification height: 1.2 ~ 2m
Product parameterssystemEmbedded Linux
The sensor1/2.7 'DUAL CMOS SENSOR
Screen resolution1024*600
display7 inch HD display
Product featuresalgorithmFace detection, in vivo detection, face tracking, quality evaluation, face comparison
Software functionsPersonnel batch management, data synchronization, access record preservation, RS485, weigen or switch passthrough,
Network protocolHTTP, RTSP, FTP, TCP/IP
Indicator lightRed and green color, support different color display results
External interfaceNetwork communication1 100M adaptive RJ45 interface;
A serial port communication1 RS485 interface
The power input1 dc 12V voltage interface;
Signal output1 switch output interface;
Wiggins input1 WG input interface, support WG 26 and WG 34 signal input;
Wiggins output1 WG output interface, support WG 26 and WG 34 signal output;
The USB interface1 USB HOST interface;
The work environmentThe engine powerMAX 10 w
Working temperature-35 ~ +75 ° c;
Working humidity5%-95% (no condensation)
Product appearancesize240 * 124 * 24.8 mm
The weight of the1.6 kg

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