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Adhering to the "product as service" concept, Brilliants offer to customers OEM,ODM service.We respects quality and creates every product with a rigorous and demanding working attitude; with thoughtful and meticulous service, it meets every user's needs!

Provide customers with product design and function development customized services

Brilliants is one of the very few domestic companies that truly have complete independent R&D and design capabilities in algorithms, embedded systems, and intelligent hardware.We has two core R&D teams in Shenzhen and Beijing, providing continuous power for the optimization and upgrading of Face recognition access control and License plate recognition camera .Our R&D team and technical support team provide customers with professional services such as product design, function development and customization services, and after-sales technical support.

Provide high-standard, high-quality production, testing, packaging and express services.

Brilliants have established an advanced factory in Shenzhen,and we have the high-quality of the supply chain and a professional production team .Our production team is committed to providing customers with high-standard and high-quality production, testing, packaging and express services of face recognition access control and license plate recognition camera.

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